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Friday, 20th October

Prologue stage

Stage Prologue Mahón-Mahón (38.7 km)

15.45 h. Departure from Plaza Conquesta in Mahón. We will go to the port of Mahón, Carretera de Fornells, Camí de Binixems, Camí d’en Kane, Camí de Binifabini. Stop in Subaida with visit and tasting. Camí de Binifabini, Carretera de Fornells and return to Plaza Conquesta de Maó.

18:00 h Pick up of bibs at Plaza Conquesta

Saturday, October 21st


1st Stage: Mahón-Mahón (105 km)
09.00h Departure from Plaza Conquesta de Mahón, Port of Mahón, Carretera de Fornells, Camí de Tramontana, Cap y Faro de Cavalleria, Camí de Tramuntana, Camí de MontPalau, Es Mercadal, Ferreries and ascent to s’Enclusa-.

S’Enclusa : liquid and solid refreshments.
Descent from S’Enclusa towards Es Migjorn Gran, Road ME-16, Polvorín de Alaior, Alaior, Camí de Torralba, Camí de Cutaines, Camí de Talatí, Airport Road, Llucmaçanes, Ronda de Mahón, Camí de Trepucó, Camí Verd, Entrance to Mahón via Camí d’Es Castell. Arrival time at 13:54 h.

Free afternoon
18:30-20:30 h. Open day at the headquarters of Fundació Ciclisme de Maó-Menorca Arturo Sintes in Picafort street, 4, Mahón.

Sunday, 22 October


2nd Stage: Mahón-Monte Toro-Mahón (60 km)

08:45 Departure from Plaza Conquesta continuing through S’Arraval, general road to Ciutadella, passing through Alaior, Es Mercadal and up to Monte Toro.

Monte Toro: Liquid and solid food supplies

Descent to Es Mercadal and concentration in Mirada del Toro street (Rest. Jeni).

Route to Fornells, circular return to the municipality and return to Mahón by the ME-7 road until arriving at the Port of Mahón, climb to the center by Costa de Ses Piques.

Arrival time: 12:00 h aprox.